TBR: What’s on Deck for June 2017


My TBR (To Be Read) List is getting unruly. There are 128 books sitting out there waiting to be picked as my next read. Some have been sitting there since 2012! I have a goal this year to pay more attention to the version of myself who deemed a book worthy of being placed on my TBR List. As such, I am going to prioritize what is out there on my TBR each month. Here is what I hope to get to in June.

Newly Added TBR Picks (< 1 year): 

1. Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett: Being billed as a YA “You’ve Got Mail” is a sure fire way to make it to the top of my TBR pile. Date added: May 22, 2017

2. The Last Letter from Your Lover by Jojo Moyes: All of Jojo Moyes’ books have been getting the cover redesigns to fall in line with her trademark look and so they have been resurfacing in the new releases section I scour. I was attracted to the hot pink cover – I am not ashamed to admit it, but having Jojo Moyes as author and a historical fiction flashback approach made me decide this was going to be a priority book to read. Date added: May 13, 2017

3. Learning to Breathe by Karen White: I read a Karen White novel a while ago that I enjoyed and have always intended to go back. When her name caught my eye on a recent bookstore stroll, this book in particular spoke to me. This story follows a woman whose heartbreak is tested when her lost love returns to town. The description involves meddling sisters, historic movie theaters, and war time love letters – yes, please! Date added: May 13, 2017

4. After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid: One of my favorite authors lately, I have enjoyed her other books, especially this one. This book is about a marriage on the brink and a plan to discover what each of them wants. I am slightly afraid of this in-depth, honest look at marriage, but TJR never lets me down. Date added: July 12, 2016

Long Ago Added TBR Picks (> 1 year):

1. The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls: I think I might be the last person on earth who hasn’t read this memoir. One of my friends has been recommending this book to me for years, stating it to be her very favorite book. And while her enthusiastic stamp of approval should have been enough to get me to open the book (which is sitting on my shelf), I was always afraid that it would be too depressing. The recent preview for the movie version coming out is helping me get over that and I have big plans to finally read this one. Date added: August 24, 2012 – I believe this is the very first book I ever put on my Good Reads “Want to Read” shelf!

List: 6 Swoon-Worthy Reads


Above all topics, love is my favorite. I am a complete addict when it comes to all things romantic in the realm of books and movies. I used to play this addiction down because I thought a respected book guru would spend most of their reading time on the New York Times bestsellers list, which rarely leaves space for cotton-candy, feel-good, love stories. I have decided that life is too short to read books I’m just not that into, and so I am embracing my romantic, sentimental side and putting forth a list of some of my very favorite swoon-worthy love stories. Enjoy!


Title: Attachments

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Published: April 2011

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Summary: This is the story of how an IT specialist falls for a woman as he snoops on their email conversations under the guise of performing his duties. Although this can sometimes feel stalker-y, I promise it is a sweet love story. If my summary hasn’t piqued your interest then simply trust in the goddess author that is Rainbow Rowell. Her name is enough to endorse a gold standard in heart-warming fiction. Click here to look at my full post on this book recommendation.


Title: The Royal We

Author: Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

Published: April 2015


Summary: American college student, Rebecca Porter, studies abroad at Oxford where she meets the crown prince of England. Their romance unfolds from here and you will devour every word of this insanely sweet, cotton-candy read. Trust me, this one is killer. Click here to look at my full post on this book recommendation.


Title: Outlander

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Published: July 2005


Summary: A WWII nurse, Claire Randall, is reacquainting herself with her husband on a getaway post-war in the Scottish Highlands when she falls through a portal and lands in 1743. This is a romance novel that also feeds the brain. Gabaldon does an impressive job describing life in the Highlands in the 18th century while telling an incredibly romantic story. I was skeptical of this book’s concept, but after seeing the pilot for the STARZ show I jumped at the chance to read the book. Every time I opened the cover I was immersed in this decadent tome. Click here to look at my full post on this book recommendation.



Title: The Selection Series (#1-3)

Author: Kiera Cass

Published: April 2012, April, 2013, May 2014

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Summary: This is a YA series that follows America Singer as she competes with other girls to be chosen by the prince and heir of Illea. It is like a royal version of the Bachelor in a semi-dystopian world. I breezed through these books…both times, but I can only recommend books #1-3 (of the 6 books and additional novellas).


Title: Anna and the French Kiss

Author: Stephanie Perkins

Published: December 2010

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Summary: This is another YA book. This story is about Anna, who is sent to a boarding school in France against her will, but she ends up finding her footing with friends and a dapper beau. This novel really captures angsty teenage romance, but also sort of reminded me of college, so there was a heavy dose of nostalgia when reading this swoon-worthy love story. Click here to look at my full post on this book recommendation.

Pride and Prejudice


Title: Pride & Prejudice

Author: Jane Austen

Published: 1813


Summary: What list of romantic novels would be complete with out the créme de la créme of all love stories? This may have been the book that started it all for me and I am sure many others feel the same way. It amazes me that a book published more than 200 years ago is still relevant. Elizabeth Bennet is my all-time favorite character who has a good head on her shoulders and navigates an unlikely romance with Mr. Darcy in a most elegant way.

List: 7 Hidden Gems Worth Reading

The following is a list of books that I have enjoyed, but find that very few others have read. Books that fall into this category are like finding money in a winter coat from last year–total jackpot! I spend a great deal of time scouring Pinterest, Goodreads, and book reviews trying to find the next book that I am going to love and champion. So in no particular order:


Image from Amazon.com

Title: Poison Study

Author: Maria V. Snyder

Published: March 2007

Rating: ★★★★

Summary: Yelena is about to be executed for murder when she is given a chance to instead live in a palace and eat the best food in the kingdom as the food taster for the Commander. She becomes immersed in the palace life and starts to discover new skills of her own. Note: This is the first in The Study series, but I can only recommend the first as I didn’t love the second and couldn’t finish the third.


Image from Amazon.com

Title: Fading

Author: E.K. Blair

Published: June 2013

Rating: ★★★★

Summary: This is the story of Candace, a senior fine arts major with aspirations of becoming a professional ballerina. Diligent and hard work has left her little time to experience the traditional rites of passage in college, until one night when she decides to let go. That night goes horribly wrong when she ends up beat up physically and emotionally after being attacked. The story follows her as she goes through the process of trying to heal and allow others into her fragile world. Note: This book has some graphic sexual violence in it.


Image from Amazon.com

Title: The Kitchen House

Author: Kathleen Grissom

Published: February 2010


Summary: Lavinia is an orphan found on a ship coming from Ireland. She is scooped up by a plantation owner and put in the care of the master’s illegitimate daughter, Belle, in the Kitchen House. There she learns along side the slaves how to cook and serve the family of the main house. Her skin color, however, gives her access to the main house and the family inside of it in a way different from the people she has come to know as family. She is torn between the two worlds.

Fever Tree.jpg

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Title: The Fever Tree

Author: Jennifer McVeigh

Published: April 2013

Rating: ★★★★

Summary: This book is very much in the vein of Gone With the Wind as it follows Frances from London to South Africa after her family’s fortune evaporates with her father’s death. Frances is journeying to South Africa to marry a Christian man as set up by a Christian service. Along the way to meet her promised husband, she falls for another man. Torn between her heart and what is promised she must live with the choices she makes. All set to the smallpox epidemic that wreaks havoc on her new country and her own life.



Title: Falling Home

Author:  Karen White

PublishedJune 2002

Rating: ★★★★

Summary: This is a family drama following the perspective of Cassie as she travels back home to Georgia when her sister (who married Cassie’s high school sweetheart) calls to let her know their father is ill. Cassie has to handle the small town she grew up in, the marriage of her sister and high school sweetheart, and a connection to an old classmate. The story has more depth that expected and provides a well-rounded and satisfying experience. There is a sequel called After the Rain that I have been meaning to read.


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Title: One True Loves

Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid

Published: June 2016

Rating: ★★★★★

Summary: Emma is at dinner with her family and her fiance when she receives a phone call that turns her world upside down from her husband. And so begins discovering how Emma got into this predicament and the heart-wrenching journey she must embark on to determine who she will choose. Click here to take a look at my book recommendation post for this book.


swear-on-this-lifeTitle: Swear on This Life

Author: Renee Carlino

Published: August 2016

Rating: ★★★★★

Summary: Emiline begins to read a novel by the new novelist taking the literary world by storm, J. Colby, when she begins to discover that the story is her story. Emiline’s childhood was one of struggle and pain, except for her only lifeline, Jase. This book tells the real story of Emiline and Jase and also follow the book’s story of Emerson and Jackson. Click here to read what I wrote in my book recommendation post for this book.